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kungsu's Journal

10 March
External Services:
  • kungsu@livejournal.com
World of Warcraft Intro:
Character: Kungsu
Class: Rogue
Race: Goblin
Professions: Skinning/LW
Main character?: This is not currently my main character. I have several different characters both Horde and Alliance on different servers. I've recently decided I prefer to play Horde.
RL Name: Su. I incorporate this into all of my character names.
Location: The country of Texas.
Timezone: CST
Age: 37 going on around 13 or so.

I've led a pretty varied life. I've lived and traveled practically all over the United States. I most recently served in the U.S. Army 8 years and am now finishing up a year long rest from that experience. From here I plan to continue my education and at some point run a business of my own. In between, I play WoW.